Curry’s (was Barry’s) Amusements

A Portrush landmark since 1926

Update: Barry’s is now Curry’s! After a run of almost 100 years, the Trufelli family closed the business in 2019 and in 2022 the business was purchased by a Galway-based amusements company, Curry’s – and opened at Easter so it’s all there still to enjoy. However, opening hours appear to be limited so be sure to check their Facebook page for the latest news.

Barry’s (now Curry’s) Amusements is famous throughout Northern Ireland and families used to flock there through the summer months. There was something for everyone and you were sure to have lots of fun. I went there as a child and I still like to drop by just to feel the excitement of a new generation. Even as an adult rides like the Big Dipper, the Cyclone and the Freak Out still got the heart beating a bit faster. The bumping cars deserve a special mention, where all the family can join in. Barry’s also sold great ice cream, in fact it was better than great.

Barrys’ is located right beside the train station and next to the beach, there are quite a few restaurants near by, but I would eat after going rather than before if you are contemplating going on ride or two.

Author: David Donnelly

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