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Thank you for your interest in sharing your visitor story about your trip to Northern Ireland, whether it be part of a larger trip to the whole of Ireland, or just focused on the Northern Ireland itself. It always helps prospective visitors to hear other people’s stories and experiences so we thank you!


  1. I’m not really a writer….
    That’s fine – we can write (we think) so all we would ask you to do is write out your experiences as if writing to a friend, or sharing tips in a group.
  2. Do you need my full story at this stage?
    At this stage please just give us a brief outline using the form below. We would not want to run stories that were too similar, so by using the form below we can figure out whether your story would highlight a different angle from other visitors’ stories.
  3. Do you need photos?
    Photos always help a story so we would normally only publish stories that have a few photos to illustrate your trip. These do not need to be sunny-day picture perfect, but hopefully in focus!

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